Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday, April 2

Express yourself completely,
then keep quiet.
Be like the forces of nature:
when it blows, there is only wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun shines through.

If you open yourself to the Tao,
you are at one with the Tao
and you can embody it completely.
If you open yourself to insight,
you are at one with insight
and you can use it completely.
If you open yourself to loss,
you are at one with loss
and you can accept it completely.

Open yourself to the Tao,
then trust your natural responses;
and everything will fall into place.

Translation by Stephen Mitchell.
Site Copyright (C) 2003-5 Glen Sanford

Finally spring is here. Stretched a new linen canvas last night and started to gesso it. Beautiful portrait grade linen. It will be a pleasure to paint on it. Don't have a title for the new painting yet, but i believe it will be very exciting. My approach will be a little different that to my usual ones. This one is based on a line drawing it did last summer. Very loose, never tightened it up with shading and such. This may wind up having more of a graphic feel. At the moment the color scheme will be in rust, oranges, yellow maybe with accents of blue. But we will see what happens when it starts finding its own voice, I listen and see what it says.

Finished filling up the new flower bed in the front of the house and planting some exotic lilies and tulips in it. In another week or so I will have some annuals in it also.

Laurie has left the gallery in Morristown. That leaves only 3 of us. I wonder if I should stay? I probably will until JM decides to close it. Considering I have $400 of Raku there selling as an investment I would like to get some money back. If not they are beautiful pieces and would make a good addition to our collection.

Need to find and photograph more rusted objects for "Rust", the photo series.
While many of the photos are very good I want a bigger selection to choose from so they will all be exquisite like the photos in "Ice".


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