Monday, March 13, 2006

Photoscore Midi

I've had the program PhotoScore Midi for quite a while but this weekend was the first time I had to try it out. Wow! This will be some help practicing my part for the Choral works. Here's how it works. You scan in sheet music. It goes into the program, then you check it for errors against the original and correct them with the tools supplied. You can delete all the other parts and/or the accompaniment, or if you like just use the accompaniment. (spelling). Then you export it as a midi file and take it into a program like Sibelius or Garage Band and change the instruments. Now if you had the total score to a piece you could reconstruct the entire thing. Very cool. For now I'm just using to get the notes to the Hindemith and Paulus pieces we are doing in the chorus. Very modern pieces, not key signature, and lots of time changes. This will help a bunch.
Also had some time to start the spring cleanup on the backyard.
Daffodils and tulips as well as irises are starting to come up. And other bulbs I planted in fall are also coming up but I don't remember what it was I planted so they will be a surprize. I planned it that way.
Turned the waterfall on for the pond but havent removed the screening yet for the pond.
Also had time to paint, should be finished with "Spin" in another week or so. Then onto the next painting which will either be "Madonna of the Big Foot" or one of the newer sketches i have recently done.
Need to upgrade the website soon.


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