Friday, February 10, 2006


Last night I went to a clients 25th Anniversary Celebration beefsteak dinner. Met soem of the folk I work with but rarely see and was introduced to the whole company at the beginning of the night (yippee). However it was a very nice thing for Jan to do to acknowledge me and the work I have done for them over the last 22+ years.
The bad news is someone decided that my cashmir Hugo Boss jacket, silk chenile scarf, keys and bluetooth headset would make a nice addition to their collection.
I'm somewhat upset, I just don't get how someone could do something like that. So today I get to go get new keys for both cars, and 4 keys to the house and the studio keys replaced. What i will miss the most will be the scarf, it was really beautiful and felt so good. The jacket was really cool to and can't be easily or cheaply replaced. Also the dichroic glass key chain will need to be replaced along with the small swiss army knife I carry on it.
It was nice that Bill drove me back home and then back to the hall to get the Debbie's keys. I was concerned that the car would be gone when we got back since there were'nt that many Saab's in the neighborhood. Luckily there was nothing in the coat pockets to indicated where we lived. Also i was lucky that I hand taken my phone and my wallet out of it and had them on me. That would have been a real nightmare.

This morning Max goes in to get fixed. Hope all turns out well. He has a cribbed testicle so the surgery won't be just "snip, snip". I hope he's not a pain in the butt with his stiches.


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