Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just another day

Life is good. Mostly. You know there are always glitches.
Spent the weekend taking more photos of rusted things then editing the photos. I belive to get the quantity of caliber of photos I want I will need to take more pictures. But so far this book of photos is coming along well.
Next Tuesday I should know if I got in the Agora Gallery show in Chelsea.
I really need to start hitting the NYC galleries that are not vanity or co-op galleries and get some of this work out there in front of folks that have the money and taste to want to buy it.
Finishing up Spin on Thursday almost definately.
In the process now of chosing what to do next. I'm in between doing a 20 x 20 painting of "Madonna of the Big Foot" or one of the newer sketches I did last summer. There is one that keeps calling to me.
Actually maybe I will try something new and work on two at the same time.
The second one will be around the 36 x 48.

The Beatles book that I'm included in from Boxigami books has just hit the stores. I should be getting my copies soon. Hopefully they didn't cut me out at the last minute.
I'm wondering how my piece fits in since most of what I'm seeing on the front cover are portraits of the Beatles while mine "Gu gu gjub" is inspired by one of the songs.
We will see.
Finally I'm published in a book.

Wish I had something deep and meanigful to say but not today.


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