Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Sunday

Yesterday was great. Pick up the new puppy for Mom and Vinnie and took it down.
"Fluffy" a 2-month old Bishon is incredibly cute and will help them greatly.
With Vinnie's Alzhiemers getting worse they both need the distraction and the joy.

Received notification last week that "Walking the Dog" made it to the third round in the International Song Writing Competition. I wonder if it has legs enough to get into the semi finals. I don't know how to feel about this since it was only the second thing I've ever written, and most of it is composed of Apple loops.

Did three good drawings on Thursday while waiting for the varnish to dry on "Spin" (oil painting).
Spin is taking a lot longer since i had to remove a major element in the background. It just wasn't working.
In the meantime I will start a mixed media piece based on one of the new sketches.
Can't waint to have Spin finished, I probably shouldn't have chosen it, there are others I realllllly want to do.

Just posted my photos from 2005 on my yahoo 360 site.
Damn I'm good (he says modeslty).
Glad to have finally put them all in one place.

Coming up.....
How do I merchandise my art onto fashion items.
Our friend Bob Reilly who works for DKNY (executive level) might be of some real assistance.
I need to get to some accessories trade shows.


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