Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sound of Six

Was contacted the other day by a new progressive rock band "Sound of Six". They wanted to know if I would be willing to collaborate with them on artwork for the band, website, CD, marketing, etc. I have agreed and have heard some of their older cuts. They are influenced by "art" bands from the mid seventies, Yes, Gentle Giant, Rush, ELP etc. Right up my alley since that is what I listened to growing up. So far the drummer Michael is taking care of the web and has chosen images from "The Jury" to represent each of the members of the group. This should be fun. I love collaborating with other artists.

No more as of yet on if "Walking the Dog" made it through another round of cuts in the International Songwriters Competition. It would be cool if it made it into the semi-finals but what will be will be. I did it for myself not to enter into a competition.


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